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What is a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)?
An MVL is the process whereby a solvent company winds down in an orderly fashion and the assets or cash left in the company are distributed to the shareholders.

When is an MVL Suitable?
The MVL route is open to any solvent company that has either discharged its debts or will undertake to discharge those debts within a 12 month period.

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What is a key advantage of a Members Voluntary Liquidation?
This can be a tax efficient way for shareholders to extract funds from a company on cessation of trade as a capital gain on shareholder’s funds will be subject to Capital Gains tax. Where such funds were taken out as salary or dividend pre liquidation, these monies would be taxed at the shareholders marginal income tax rate.

What is Retirement Relief in an MVL?
Retirement relief is relief on the Capital Gains Tax due from an MVL. It should be noted that an individual does not actually have to retire to avail of this relief, just be over 55.

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