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Irish Insolvency offer bespoke packages to banks, lending institutions and other debenture holders in order to provide fixed cost receiverships. Irish Insolvency particularly specialise in distressed property and have to date managed large investment property portfolios for a number of large clients.

Irish Insolvency’s unique approach as asset receiver means that lenders can take advantage of our existing relationships with estate agents, management companies and legal representatives to ensure that cases are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Our flat fee structure allows costs to be kept to a minimum, maximising returns to the borrower account.

When appointed as asset receiver, Irish Insolvency will take possession of the charged assets, redirect any rental income where necessary, manage sale up to and including the closing of legal contracts and discharge the debt owing to the debenture holder.

In some instances where the asset is an operating business Irish Insolvency will endeavour to keep the business running with a view to maximising the value of the company’s assets, via the sale of the business (or part thereof) as a going concern.

Irish Insolvency can provide a flat fee receivership service. We undertake a large number of receiverships a year and specialise in residential investment property.