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Dealing with Debt

Over the last five years, many people have found themselves in very difficult financial situations.  In many cases, they are in severe negative equity and their income and ability to repay has been diminished by changed personal circumstances. On a personal and financial level, these problems can seem almost insurmountable and perspective can be lost.   It is important to recognise that any financial situation, no matter how bad it appears to the individual concerned, is improvable.

Irish Insolvency operates a “No Foal – No Fee” approach to personal insolvency so you won’t have to pay anything unless we can negotiate a write-down with the bank.

The common issues faced by our clients are:

  • Negative Equity Mortgage
  • Investment property problems
  • Credit card debt
  • Car loans
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Personal bank debt

Irish Insolvency are experts in this field and have developed a specialist understanding of such cases. We examine each case on its merits and advise on debt restructuring and bank loan write-downs.  Each personal insolvency case is different, so Irish Insolvency has a tailor-made approach to facilitate your needs. Irish Insolvency have successfully achieved very significant write-downs and developed workable debt restructuring schemes for numerous individuals and families.

With the trusted relationships that Irish Insolvency have built over the years with all financial institutions we have found that in almost all cases there is a deal to be done.

On a positive note, we are finding Banks are becoming more and more amenable to debt settlement, as this avoids the possibility of bankruptcy where there are no winners.